A pussy is a powerful thing, and I aim to help you wield its power through energetic and empowering classes like you’ve never seen.

Max Madame’s Squirtshop: Always wanted to squirt? Well I did, and now I do, ALL the time – and sometimes for large audiences! I truly believe nearly everybody can squirt, and I believe that I can help you get there. While some issues may be physical for people, for the vast majority of folks, its all mental. Squirting is about anxiety, its about having the information, its about being prepared, its about knowing your body. So, lets sort out all that shit together, lets break it down and get to the underlying issues. This class is available to individuals, couples and groups. Each class with be designed to meet the needs of its participant(s). Inquire about a class  or private Skype session today.

$100/person – Group Squirtshop, Demo Included (4 person minimum, large group rates available)

$200/hr  – Private Squirtshop without Demo

$300hr – Private Squirtshop with Demo

**PLEASE NOTE: Travel fees will apply as necessary. **

Max Madame’s Pussy Weight-Lifting Class: I use a Yoni Egg to turn my pussy into a powerhouse weight-lifting machine. Let’s lift some shit ya’ll! If you’ve never felt the strength of your pussy pulling back or used it to lift a bottle of wine, a bucket of nails or any number of random things around your house – you’ve been missing out on a total pussy ego trip. Feel the mastery of your body, feel yourself using your body to its capacity, push yourself. Try something really fucking different, be a badass – try pussy weight-lifting with me. Classes are available to groups and individuals. Inquire about a class today, i’ll be ever so pleased to jump into this experience with you.

Yoni Eggs Available in person, included with a class or BUY ONLINE with coupon code MAXMADAME .

$40 – Yoni Egg

$ 100- Group Class, Includes Yoni Egg (4 person minimum)

$200 – Private Class, includes Yoni Egg

**PLEASE NOTE: Travel fees will apply as necessary. **